QuickBooks 2014 Features: Error Message Changes

Error Messaging Changes

We don’t always know about all of the changes that Intuit implements in a new release. I like to get down to the picky details, Intuit only gives us the “big picture” items.

Here’s a change in 2014 (which is also implemented in the recent 2013 R9 release). If you have a multi-user installation, only one computer should be set up to “host” the database. It isn’t difficult for someone to get this set up wrong so that more than one computer is set to be the “host”, but you will probably get one of several different errors that can pop up when you try to switch to multi-user mode – such as H101, H202, H303 or H505 (see KB article SLN40493).

Here’s the kind of error message you would get in QuickBooks 2013 (before R9), for example:

One problem with this is that NORMALLY you would want to click “No”, but the default is Yes, and that isn’t good.

Now the message is updated to be clearer, and the default button is “No”:

Is Something Missing?

You don’t see any mention of one of the hot topics these days, compatibility with Microsoft Office 2013. While many features in Office 2013 WILL work with this product, some might not (Outlook is a notorious problem, and Excel with QuickBooks Statement Writer is another). The 2013 R9 release added compatibility, why not 2014 R1?

Officially, this release doesn’t support Microsoft Office 2013. I do, however, expect that they’ll address that soon.

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