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1024-QB16Premier_r3DLabel Printer Support

QuickBooks 2016 has added support for one-up continuous feed labels. Prior to this it only supported “Continuous (Perforated Edge)” and “Page-oriented (Single sheets)” printers.

How is this different? Both the Page-oriented and Continuous printers will print multiple labels on a single page, either on single pages (like a laser printer) or old style pin-fed perforated continuous paper. The new option is Label Printer, which supports continuous form labels with one label per “page,” and the page is going to be just a few inches wide and tall.

Note that this feature may only support Zebra-compatible label printers. I’ve not tried this with anything else, yet.

Select File, then Print Forms, and then Labels. Select the information that you want to print on the labels (options are limited).

QuickBooks 2016 Labels

Click OK to get the Print Labels window.

QuickBooks 2016 Labels

Choose Label Printer (Single Label) as the Printer type.

The Label Format list gives you options for a variety of label sizes. If you don’t see what you want, I don’t see a way to adjust things for a different size.

Label format

At the bottom of the window are two new options:

  • Rotate 90 degrees: Some label printers are narrow, and they rotate the labels so that the narrow side is attached rather than the wide side. This option rotates the orientation of how the labels are printed to match those kinds of labels and printers.
  • Printer feed slot on left: Some label printers feed the labels from the left side of the carriage.

You can set the default values for labels by selecting File and then Printer Setup. In the Form Name dropdown box, select Label. Then in Printer type select Label Printer (Single Label).

QuickBooks 2016 Labels

This feature will be available in the Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks.

This is a nice addition, but Intuit still severely limits the practical use of this feature by not providing more control over what you actually see on the labels. I prefer add-on tools like the Wasp label printer, among others.

Upgrade Changes

This is something you’ll notice as soon as you install an upgrade to an existing system. The file upgrade process has been greatly simplified, reducing it to a few simple steps.

Prior to this update you would have to go through a long series of questions, primarily relating to the creation of a backup copy of your file. At least 8 steps, which is tedious, just to go through the upgrade process.

Upgrading a QuickBooks file

Now you have just a few simple screens, without all the confusing complexity. Here’s the startup screen – note that you can change the location for the backup file if you want to by clicking the link, but you don’t have to.

QuickBooks 2016 Upgrade

You get one progress screen for both the backup and the upgrade.

QuickBooks 2016 upgrade progress

And then you are finished!

Upgrade is finished

That is all there is – no confusion, no long series of questions. Very simple, the way it should be.

Note that you aren’t asked if you want to verify the backup or not – I believe that this backup is made with full verification. I haven’t tried this on a file that cannot be successfully verified.

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