QuickBooks Column Total Problem

Intuit added the ability to total columns in forms other than just the Amount column when they released QuickBooks Enterprise V15, but there are still some odd issues that people are running into. Here’s a workaround for one of the problems, where quantity totals don’t work in an invoice created from a sales order.

QuickBooks Column Totals

First, let’s review the QuickBooks column total feature. QuickBooks has a special item type of “Subtotal,” which you can add to sales and purchasing transactions to insert a subtotal. In QuickBooks Pro and Premier the only column that is subtotaled is the Amount column. Starting with QuickBooks Enterprise 2015 you now have the ability to specify that other columns are to be subtotaled as well: Quantity, Price, Cost and any numeric custom field. You specify which columns to total when you edit the subtotal item.

Custom Field



Here’s a sample invoice showing how this works. As you can see, there is a subtotal for the quantity and pallet fields.


Column Subtotal


This is a simple solution to an issue that has been bugging QuickBooks users for a long time. Note that in the 2015 R6 update, Intuit added the ability to multiply the cost and custom fields by quantity.

But Wait…

As with any new feature from Intuit, we expect to find a few “issues.” This feature has been relatively free of problems, but a puzzling one did show up.

Here’s a sales order transaction, with the quantity field subtotaled. So far, so good.


Work Order


I create an invoice from this sales order, and everything appears to be fine.




But wait – what happens if you print the invoice? The subtotal doesn’t show? The same thing occurs if you save the invoice as a PDF file.


Printed Invoice



This only happens when you add a subtotal to a sales order and save it as an invoice. If I create an invoice directly then the subtotal shows correctly.


The Workaround


This is obviously a bug, but fortunately I have a workaround. It is very simple, actually. What you need to do is to make sure that you check the Amount column when setting up the subtotal item.


Edit Box



If you create a new invoice from a sales order, the subtotal will now appear correctly in the printed form and PDF.


New Printed Invoice


Note that any existing sales orders will not be changed, they still won’t print the subtotal.


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