QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 13.0 Windows Release 8(R8) – All Editions

I just received an update from Intuit regarding QuickBooks and wanted to give everyone a rundown of what is included in it.

Here is how to update your QuickBooks program so the R8 update can take place for single user licenses. 

  1. Close QuickBooks and reopen QuickBooks.
  2. At the prompt to install the update now, choose Yes.
  1. (Recommended) After the update completes, restart your computer.

The update process may take several minutes. If you choose not to update when you open QuickBooks, the message will appear each time you open QuickBooks until the update is completed.

Here is how to update your QuickBooks program so the R8 update can take place for multi-user licenses. 

If you use QuickBooks in multi-user mode, Intuit strongly recommends installing the product release on each computer running QuickBooks. For more information on sharing updates in a multi-user environment:

  1. From the Help menu, choose Update QuickBooks.
  2. In the Update QuickBooks window, click Help.
  3. Click the Help topic link Sharing updates in a multi-user environment.

Here are the changes made in the R8 update. 

  • Accounts Receivable
    Billable time in the Choose Billable/Time Costs window is now sorted by date instead of Employee name. (R8)
  • Performance
    Improved performance of the Search in both the Vendor and Inventory Center. (R8)
  • SDK
    Third party software will no longer experience the following errors when connecting to QuickBooks
    Unrecoverable Error 00000 03667Sync Error 17_7005 – “Could not detect a valid installation of QuickBooks SDK:7005 qbXML components have not been installed”
  • Time Tracking
    Time entries on weekly timesheets that include a Customer Job, are now listed in alphabetical order by Customer Job instead of by order entered.

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