Nonprofit Accounting Software

QuickBooks accounting software makes it easy for nonprofits to track every dollar

  • QuickBooks software helps nonprofits save time and stay organized in their accounting activities
  • Record and track every dollar in one central location – see everything in one place
  • Access reports such as the balance sheet, income statement, and more anytime and from anywhere

Nonprofit organizations have different requirements and needs than for-profit businesses. QuickBooks Online includes general accounting features such as bookkeeping, invoicing, and billing, and QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit includes these features plus additional nonprofit-specific features such tracking donations, pledges and grants, and allocating expenses to specific programs. If you need basic bookkeeping and accounting software for your nonprofit organization, then QuickBooks Online is right for you.

QuickBooks makes general accounting tasks easy for nonprofits

QuickBooks Online makes general accounting tasks like bookkeeping and invoicing easy. Make and record deposits, make payments, and create custom reports in a few clicks. QuickBooks Online puts all of your accounting information in one central place so that you are always organized. Easily track deposits, view upcoming payments due, and more. If you are looking for an easy way to manage basic bookkeeping and accounting activities for your nonprofit organization, then QuickBooks Online is right for you. Try it for free today.

QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit Edition contains features specific to nonprofit organizations

If you need to track donations, grants, and pledges or manage donors, members, and contributions, then this is the version of QuickBooks for you. Always knows where your dollars came from and how they are spent with QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit.

Because nonprofits have different reporting requirements and needs than other businesses, we created a comprehensive set of features
to save time and keep nonprofits organized. In a few clicks you can allocate expenses to grants and programs to see exactly how the
dollars were spent. You can also track income and expenses by fund and program and allocate overhead across grants and programs.

QuickBooks Premier for Nonprofit includes robust reporting features to save you time and help you comply with nonprofit reporting requirements. Create reports such as profit & loss vs. budget, budget vs. actual, cash flow, biggest donors and grants, and more. In a few clicks you can create the required reports for funding agencies, government agencies, and your board of directors.

QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit keeps your data organized so that tax time is easier. The IRS requires that expenses be reported by program for nonprofits on Form 990. Because your data is tracked and organized appropriately, completing IRS Form 990 is easy.

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