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QuickBooks software makes accounting easy for professional services firms

  • Review and manage your firm’s finances from one central location – see everything in one place
  • QuickBooks makes it easy to create custom proposals and invoices, track payments, run reports, and more in a few clicks
  • Access your professional services firm’s accounting data anytime and from anywhere

QuickBooks is the #1 rated small business financial software1. QuickBooks makes it easy for attorneys, architects, designers, engineers, real-estate brokers, and other professional services firms to organize their financial data in one place so they always know where their business stands. Access all of your firm’s financial information, including bills due, payments received, outstanding invoices, and more anytime and from anywhere. Save time and stay organized with QuickBooks Online. Try it for free today.

QuickBooks accounting software contains features specific for professional services

Professional services firms have specific accounting needs that differ from other businesses, and QuickBooks Premier Professional Services contains features specific to those needs. If you need to setup custom billing rates by vendor or employee, run project-costing reports, create custom templates for proposals and invoices, and manage retainers and escrow, then QuickBooks Premier Professional Services is the right version of QuickBooks for you.

Firms that employ professionals with varying levels of expertise and experience need to create custom billing rates. For example, if you employ both an entry-level designer and a designer with over 10 years of experience, you will want to charge different rates for their time. Similarly, if a senior engineer is assigned to a job as a mid-level engineer, you will want to assign a lower billing rate for her for that particular job. In QuickBooks Premier Professional Services, you can easily set custom billing rates by employee or job. When you create an invoice, QuickBooks automatically applies the custom rate and produces the invoice for you.

Many professional services firms work on a retainer basis, whereby an amount of money is held as a deposit for future services. When a client is invoiced, the total amount due is deducted from the retainer until the retainer funds are exhausted. Therefore, professional services firms need to track retainer funds separately and accurately so that they don’t double-count income or double-charge clients. QuickBooks Premier Professional Services makes it easy to track retainers and ensures your books are in order.

With QuickBooks Premier Professional Services, you can easily track job costs and profitability so that you know which projects are the most profitable. You can also track un-billed expenses by project, track your balance sheet by class, and track sales tax and customer payments. QuickBooks puts all the critical information you need to manage your professional services business at your fingertips.

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