QuickBooks Financial and QuickBooks Point of Sale – What goes Where?

Where Should I record it - QB Financial or POSQuickBooks Point of Sale is designed to be integrated with QuickBooks Financial Software. After integration, you use Point of Sale to track your daily point-of-sale business such as purchasing, receiving, sales, and related inventory activities, while QuickBooks Financial Software tracks your financial data.  Exchanging information between the two programs, referred to as Financial Exchange, can significantly reduce your workload because you can track retail sales activities in Point of Sale and then transfer the resulting data directly into QuickBooks. There is no need to enter information twice.

After QuickBooks POS integration with QuickBooks Financial, we recommend splitting key business activities between the two programs, as shown below.

This split allows you to get the most from the specialized features of each program and ensures accurate inventory valuation and reporting.

You don’t have to integrate the two programs immediately when you install Point of Sale. However, if you already have a QuickBooks financial company file with existing customers, vendors, and inventory, you can save a great deal of time by integrating from the start and importing those records into Point of Sale.


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