QuickBooks Financial Software Installation Options

If you are integrating Point of Sale with QuickBooks financial software, there are three options for how the two programs can be installed relative to one another to share data.

The three options are summarized here.

Installation Option 1:  QuickBooks financial software installed on the Point of Sale Server Workstation

  • This is the simplest and most commonly used configuration.

  • This is the only choice if you have only one computer.

  • On a network, the Point of Sale Server Workstation and QuickBooks would typically be installed in the office, with additional Point of Sale client workstations as the front “registers.”

  • If you are new to QuickBooks financial, create a file there first. Then use the Connection Wizard from within Point of Sale to establish the connection between the programs.

Installation Option 2:  QuickBooks financial software installed on both the Point of Sale Server Workstation and another Network Computer

  • This option can be used if you have only one Point of Sale workstation, which you need to have at the front register but you prefer to use your financial software at another computer (such as in the back office).

  • This configuration requires a peer-to-peer network with mapped network drives.

  • You can install this way even with a single license of your QuickBooks financial software.

  • Once configured, the copy of QuickBooks financial software on the Point of Sale Server workstation can be “silent”, i.e., it does not ever have to be opened, but it cannot be uninstalled.

  • Additional Point of Sale or QuickBooks workstations could be added to the network with proper licensing.

Installation Option 3:   QuickBooks financial software installed only on another Network Computer

  • This option, called Remote Data Sharing (or RDS), is the most complex to set up and use, but offers an alternative way to share data across your network.

  • Uses RDS Server and Client applications which must be installed in addition to Point of Sale and QuickBooks financial software. These applications are available for download from our support site.

  • Both your Point of Sale and QuickBooks company files must be open during Financial Exchanges.

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