QuickBooks POS iPad: Item Manage Mode

In version 1524+ the new item manage mode has been improved to include many new features directly on the iPad. It incorporates the “Manage Inventory.” Such features include, category, subcategory, product creation, 86 feature, inventory, and ability to re-arrange the menu.


Entering Item Manage Mode

  1. Log into the QuickBooks POS iPad app on the iPad POS Platfrom as a manager or owner
  2. Select “Settings” or gear icon at the top left
  3. Select “Managers” to enter Manager Settings
  4. Select “Manage Item Mode



Product Creation

  1. Select “+P Add Product” button to bring up item creation window
  2. Enter in the necessary fields for the product
  3. Hit “Save” once finished
  4. Refresh all other QuickBooks POS iPad stations to receive the new product


Also, when scanning an item’s barcode that does not match anything in the Management Console, it will prompt the ability to create a new item as well. The setting must be enabled under Settings -> Retail Settings -> Create item on unmatched barcode.

(Please note, when adding a product by scanning the barcode, the product will automatically be placed in the very first category/subcategory, on the menu screen. From there rearrange the menu in order to place the product in its’ proper category.)



Move & Sort Products

In order to move products around to different categories or sort them in different orders, follow directions below: (It’s also possible to rearrange categories and subcategories.)

  1. Navigate to the desired product
  2. Tap and hold down on the product
  3. Icons will start shaking indicating drag mode
  4. Hold down on desired product again and move to desired spot
    1. If new location is in different category, drag product into the category at the top to bring up new
  5. Hit “Apply” to save
  6. Refresh all stations to receive the new changes





Manage Products Details

Within Item Manage Mode, key details can be changed such as price, cost, SKU, barcode, and many more. Select the desired product to open up the manage mode


Within this screen, the following options are available

  • Basic Product Details – Product Name, Description, Class, Price, Cost, Barcode, SKU, Bin, and Unit of Measurement (UOM)
  • Product Options – Sold by weight, tax free, price embedded, active, track in inventory
  • Photo – Take a photo of the product to attach to the button
  • 86 Feature Balance – Set stock for a product. This does not affect actual inventory.
  • Inventory – Set receive, actual, damage, or update cost for inventory.


Manage Matrix Inventory

Within Item Manage Mode, users have the ability to adjust and create products for matrix inventory. This feature is normally enabled for retail clients.

Note: The product attributes can only be made in the Management Console. Make sure to make it first before proceeding creating the parent + child matrix products.


  1. Create a new product. This is the base product for the matrix
  2. Select the Matrix button at the top next to the product name to open the Matrix options
  3. Select the appropriate attributes and give it a custom name for each then hit save to complete. Hit save again at the bottom left
  4. Create the “child” product via the Product Creation steps above
  5. Select the “Matrix” button for the specific product
  6. Select “Child” then select the parent product created in step 1
  7. Select the attribute of this child product (ex. Color: Grey, Size: X-Small)
  8. Hit Save to complete. Then hit save again at the bottom left

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