QuickBooks Point of Sale: Add Custom Discount Names

downloadHow do I add customized Discount Names to track discount by category or event? This can be very important since we run several promotions throughout the year.


This is a great question so hopefully we can provide an easy solution. In POS V12 click on the Inventory drop-down menu and then choose Price Manager. In my opinion, I have no idea why Intuit decided to put Discount Names in the Price Manager but I digress.

In the example below, we want to add custom Discount Names. Click on the “Set Up Manual Discount” button.

set up a manual discount in quickbooks

We have decided to run a 40% off sale for St. Patrick’s Day. So we added the Discount Name as shown below.

Note: You must logout of POS and log back in for this discount to show up. I’m assuming this is a bug that Intuit will fix soon but for now it’s just the way it is.

New discount name

In the example below we are purchasing an Adult Baseball Glove and giving the St. Patrick’s Day discount.

quick discount

One feature that I really appreciate is that the discount % and the Original Price show on the screen of the sales receipt. Very intuitive and very informative.

view discount and original price

Now if you want to run a report on the sales for this special day you do the following:

  1. Reports > Sales > Discount Summary (General Sales Section)
  2. Modify Report
  3. Filter Data
  4. Choose Discount Type “Manual
    Modify a report
  5. Save and Run the Report
  6. In this case you can see all of your sales/discounts for the Discount

Promotion of St. Patrick’s Day.

Also in the 2nd window below you can see how this ties back to the original sales receipt.

QuickBooks report center



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