QuickBooks Point of Sale: Error – 193, Primary key for dept keywords is not unique

Point of Sale: Error – 193, Primary key for dept keywords is not unique

When attempting to send a mailbag from Headquarters to a remote store, or attempting to receive a mailbag at the remote store, you see the following error:

Error – 193 Primary key for dept keywords is not unique.

Why this is happening

  • There are duplicate department names or codes
  • Customer names have been deleted or merged
  • Damaged .qbt files

How to fix it

Solution 1: Update all Point of Sale workstations to the latest release

  1. From Point of Sale, click Help > Software updates > Check for Updates.
  2. Retry store exchange.

Solution 2: Delete the list containing the error

Remote Store
Note: Send a mailbag to Headquarters and then receive it.

  1. Choose Customers > Customer List.
  2. Click one customer name at a time. Select Delete until the list is empty.

Note: Do not be alarmed; the main customer records are contained at Headquarters and will be resent.


If you have too many customers to click one a time:

  • Version 10 and 12: Click the first customer in the list, press the Shift key, and then click the last customer in the list.
  • Version 9: Press the CTRL + A keys to highlight all.



  1. Choose File > Utilities > Resend files.
  2. Click Resend.
  3. Receive the resend mailbag at the remote store.

Note: By checking the store exchange activity log, you can easily identify which data provides the error.

Solution 3: Delete all .qbt files from both Headquarters and Remote Stores and create a new remote file

Delete all .qbt files
 Default location

  1. Go to: C:/Program Data / Intuit /QuickBooks Point of Sale x.x / STex
  2. Check each folder and delete all .qbt files found.

Alternate location

  1. Search for files using the file name *.qbt.
  2. Right-click any *.qbt files found, choose Delete and confirm the deletion.
  3. Close the Search Results screen and empty the Recycle Bin.

Create a new Remote File

  1. Go to File > Company Operations > Create a new Company.
  2. Enter the Company Name, choose Remote Store number and type the store number.
  3. Resend the mailbag from the Headquarters to the Remote Store.

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