QuickBooks Point of Sale Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About the Software

Q: What’s new in QuickBooks Point of Sale?

Q: What is Mobile Sync?

Q: How can I use Mobile Sync for my retail business?

Q: What devices are compatible with the mobile card reader?

Q: What kinds of retailers use Point of Sale 2013?

Q: What are the differences between the three editions of Point of Sale

Q: How is Point of Sale different from Intuit QuickBooks Financial software?

Q: Does QuickBooks Point of Sale work with QuickBooks Financial software?

Q: Do I have to use QuickBooks Financial software in order to use Point of Sale?

Q: How is Point of Sale better than an electronic cash register?

Q: How much does Point of Sale cost?

Q: Can I try Point of Sale before I buy it?

Q: What if I find it's not right for me?

Q: Will Point of Sale 2013 work with Windows Vista operating system?

Q: How do I set up my Payments Account?

Q: What if I need help getting started?

Q: Do I have to enter each customer, vendor and inventory item one-at-a-time?

Q: Can I transfer data from the retail software I'm currently using into QuickBooks Point of Sale?

Q: If I use Point of Sale together with QuickBooks Financial software, do my employees get access to my financial information?

Q: Does Point of Sale work with any Merchant Service Provider?

Q: How do I process debit cards with Point of Sale?

Q: How do I process credit cards on my mobile device?

Q: Do I need to accept credit cards or debit cards in order to use Point of Sale?

Q: Does Point of Sale work with other merchant card services?

Q: What advantages do I get with QuickBooks Point of Sale Merchant Service?

Q: How many copies of Point of Sale can I network together within one store?

Q: Can I use Point of Sale at my front counter and QuickBooks Accounting software in my back office?

Q: An outside accountant does my bookkeeping. Do they need to purchase Point of Sale, too?

Using Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale to Manage Multiple Locations

Q: What do I need to buy in order to manage multiple stores with Point of Sale?

Q: How many stores can I manage with Point of Sale Pro?

How to Purchase Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale

Q: Where can I buy QuickBooks Point of Sale?

Recommended Configurations

Q: What are the system requirements?

Financial software integration requires:

  • QuickBooks Pro or Premier Editions  2012, 2013 or 2014
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Version 12.0, 13.0 or 14.0


Intuit Payment Solutions

  • Optional fee-based service, additional terms & conditions apply.
  • Requires an Intuit Payments Account through Intuit Payment Solutions; sold separately.  Application approval, fees and additional terms and conditions apply.  Details now available HERE.
  • Credit card reader and printer required for credit and debit transactions. PIN pad required for debit transactions.
  • Internet connection required. Terms, conditions, pricing, features, service and support options are subject to change at any time without notice.


Security Software

Products have been tested with the following software:

  • AVG Internet Security
  • McAfee Internet Security Suite
  • Symantec Norton® Internet Security Suite
  • Zone Labs’ Zone Alarm Pro
  • Trend Micro

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