QuickBooks Point of Sale Help: Program Updates – Download and Install

Program Updates: Download and Install

Updates to your Point of Sale software—such as maintenance releases, enhancements, and updated help files—can be quickly and easily downloaded and installed, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date features and capabilities available.

You can have Point of Sale automatically download update files (recommended), be notified when an update is available but download it yourself, or not be notified at all and manually check for updates yourself.

If you have multiple networked Point of Sale workstations, you can configure updates so that all workstations can update from a shared download file.

What’s important about software updates?

  • An update should be installed on your Server Workstation first. All other workstations on your network must exit Point of Sale during the update to the Server Workstation.
  • Point of Sale will automatically back up your company data before updating the Server Workstation.
  • We recommend installing updates while your store is closed, when you have time to complete the installation and familiarize yourself with program enhancements. Updating multiple workstations or a large data file may take some time.
  • (Pro) Each workstation at each store must install an update to ensure compatibility within a store as well as between stores. All stores should follow the same update procedures and schedule.

Updating Point of Sale includes these steps:

If updates are not downloaded automatically, select Software Updates > Check for Updates from the Help menu at the Server Workstation.
Point of Sale connects to the update site and checks for available updates. If an            update is available, information about what is included and an estimate of how long      it will take to download it is displayed.
Select Update Now (on automatic downloads, select OK when notified).
Or, select Remind Me Later to delay a download/installation until a later time.
Follow the on-screen prompts to install the update.
Restart Point of Sale after the update is installed.
If applicable, install the update to additional workstations.

To review the update history on a workstation, select Software Updates > View Installed Updates  from the Help menu.


  • A program update does not upgrade Point of Sale to a new version or unlock the features of a program level other than what you have licensed (e.g., Basic to Pro). Read How do I unlock to a higher level? .
  • FAQ and troubleshooting information can be found in the help topics available from the Updater Preferences window. Select any blue help link or button, choose Home and then choose the Frequently Asked Questions or Troubleshooting links.
  • If you have modified your Point of Sale lists, reports, or customized printed documents and tags, installing an update will not overwrite your modified layouts to add any new fields or options included in the update. You may need to further modify your layouts to add them or, in the case of reports, use the Revert option to reset to the default layouts and then re-memorize.


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