QuickBooks Point of Sale Help: Write Customer Letters from POS

Customer reading a letter from QuickBooks POSPoint of Sale provides Microsoft Word integration for writing letters to customers and vendors. The letters can include data from the customer and vendor records as well as from documents made for the customer or vendor. A variety of letter templates is provided for your use. You can customize the provided templates and create more of your own.

Letters can be initiated from the I Want To menu in your customer or vendor list or from your document lists. If you want a letter to include data from a document, such as specific item information, the letter must be initiated from that document.

You can create a letter for a single recipient or send letters to a group of selected or filtered recipients.

To write letters:

  1. Go to the Customer List.
  2. Highlight the individuals you would like to receive your mailing. (Hold Ctrl while clicking with the mouse)
    Customers selected to receive letter

    • If sending letters to a filtered list, you do not need to select specific records in this step.
  3. From the I Want To menu, select Write Letters and then choose to Currently Selected or to Filtered List.
    Select choice for what you want to send
  4. If using the filtered list option, follow the prompts to enter filter criteria to include/exclude customers or vendors.
    QuickBooks Point of Sale Help - Write Letters Filtered List
  5. Select the template you wish to use for the current printing and select Next.
    QuickBooks POS Help - Write Letters Templates
  6. Enter the name and title of the person that the letter will be from and select Next.
    QuickBooks POS Help - Salutation
  7. The letter(s) are opened in Microsoft Word. If you are printing multiple letters they are all in a single Word document with each letter starting on a new page.
  8. Review and modify in Word if necessary and then print the letter(s).

Notes: You can select Modify Template when selecting a template if necessary to customize the template before creating the letters. Learn more about modifying templates.

If the selected template includes data fields for which no data exists in your Point of Sale records or documents, the fields will be auto-filled with **MISSING <data field>**. Review your letter(s) and edit or remove these fields to complete the current letter. You can remove the fields from the template if you never want them included in future letters.

You may save the Microsoft Word document if you wish; doing so will not affect the template.

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