QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store: Working with Customers

Multi-Store: Working with Customers

Pro – Multiple Stores

Customers can be added, edited, or deleted at any store, with the resulting changes propagated to all stores with the next fully completed Store Exchange cycle. Headquarters maintains the master customer list, which is sent to all stores in its entirety during every Store Exchange.

General guidelines for customers at multi-stores:

  • Any store can add, edit, or delete a customer, but the customer record is not revised in the master customer list at Headquarters until certain synchronization checks are completed during the next Store Exchange cycle.

  • Adding, editing, or deleting a customer “flags” the customer record with the action taken and adds a date/time stamp at the originating store. This date/time stamp is used in synchronization checks to ensure proper handling of customer records in the event that the same record is edited at multiple stores on a given day.

  • If a customer is a charge account¬†customer with an account balance, deletion is not allowed.

  • If a store makes a charge account sale or accepts a payment on a customer account, Headquarters sends that information to QuickBooks financial software (only Headquarters exchanges data¬†with QuickBooks).

  • Be aware that it is possible for a customer to make two or more purchases by account charge at different stores between Store Exchanges, neither individually exceeding the customer’s available credit but in total exceeding it. After the next completed data exchange, the new balance will exceed the credit limit until a payment is made, but no further charges will be allowed.

  • Customer history at Headquarters will show customer sales from all stores (but not pending customer orders). Customer history at a remote store shows all sales and order documents made locally, but not those made at other stores.

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