QuickBooks Point of Sale: Printing Price Tags Overview 3

Item price tags can be printed from inventory, purchase and receiving documents, transfer slips, the Price Change reminders window, and from the Price Manager and Physical Inventory windows.

QuickBooks POS Price TagThe appearance of printed tags is determined by the default print template you have specified in workstation preferences or you can change the template at time of printing. Pro users can also customize or create new tag templates to meet their individual needs.

Tag printing is supported to compatible dedicated tag printers (e.g. the Zebra LP2824) and to standard inkjet/laser printers (using sheet labels). A dedicated tag printer allows you to print to hang tag, jewelry tag, and adhesive tag templates available on roll stock.


Tags can be printed with or without bar codes or the reference MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price).

When printing tags with bar codes and using the default tag templates, Point of Sale uses the inventory item number to produce the bar code, not the UPC code. This allows you to print bar-coded tags and list items on documents by scanning them, even if you do not have a vendor-provided UPC code for the items.

The MSRP is included on printed tags if it has been entered on the item record. If you do not wish to include the MSRP, don’t enter it on the item record or remove the field from the template you are using with Print Designer.

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3 thoughts on “QuickBooks Point of Sale: Printing Price Tags Overview

    • Peter

      No, unfortunately you cannot.
      It would be nice if there were a field for Serial Numbers to enumerate, but the fields available are more or less attributes.
      When you print out 5 tags, they are all the same. There is not a construct built-in that will enumerate different values for the same field.

  • Leigh

    IS there a way to print individual discount tags when a sale is created? We are only able to print tags for all of the items in the discount.
    We want the discounted price on the tags, but it is becoming very difficult to tag when we cannot select individual items to print a tag for.