QuickBooks Point of Sale: Reminder of New Items

Inventory reminders help you track and manage your inventory by alerting you to situations that may need your attention.

To view inventory reminders:

QuickBooks Point of Sale Reminders Menu

  1. From the home page, select Reminders from the Inventory menu.
  2. Select one of the available tabs.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Reminders Tabs

New Items Tab

The New Items reminders screen alerts employees to the upcoming arrival of new merchandise. Monitoring this list allows your associates to better serve customers by letting them know what new merchandise is coming soon.

You can print this list or print item tags in anticipation of the item arrival. The items should be removed from this list as soon as they arrive at the store, so that the list remains current and useful.

To work with items in the list:

From the Inventory menu, select Reminders and then select the New Items tab.

Use normal list selection procedures to select one or more items before selecting a task from the I Want To menu. You can also use the Select All or Clear All choices from the I Want To menu.

  • Select Print and then choose tags or the list from the drop-down menu to print the selected items.
  • To remove selected items from the list, select Remove Selected Item(s) from the I Want To menu.

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