QuickBooks Point of Sale Setup Interview

QuickBooks POS Setup StartThe first time Point of Sale is started on the Server Workstation, the Setup Interview window is automatically opened. The interview is the fastest way to set up basic Point of Sale options in one place so you are ready to begin ringing up sales fast! Otherwise, you can access it on the File Menu.

Not all options are defined in this initial setup. Advanced options that help you customize Point of Sale for your unique business needs can be set up later in company preferences.

The Setup Interview allows you to define:

  • Printed receipt – Enter the company information you want printed on sales receipts including phone numbers, web site, and email address. This information is also printed on orders and reports.
  • Sales tax – Specify if you collect sales tax and, if so, enter your primary sales tax rate and to whom the taxes are paid. You can set up more advanced sales tax options, such as different taxing instructions by merchandise type, price, or location, or paying taxes to multiple agencies later in company preferences.
  • Payments – Learn about and sign up for a QuickBooks POS Merchant Service account to process credit card and debit/ATM transactions from within Point of Sale. If you already have an account use this page to enter your account number and set service options.
  • Gift Card – The QuickBooks POS Gift Card Service allows you to sell, redeem, and track the balance of gift cards from within Point of Sale. An Intuit Payments Account is required.
  • Hardware – Click Configure/Setup for the Point of Sale equipment you have. The Hardware Setup Wizard will walk you through configuring and testing each piece of hardware.

Setup Interview: Receipt Information

QuickBooks POS Receipt Info
This page of the Setup Interview window is used to enter your company information (name, address, e-mail, web site, etc.) as you want it printed on sales receipts, purchase orders, reports, and customer orders.

You can also enter your return policy, store hours, or any other information you want to share with your customers.


Set Up Primary Sales Tax Rate

Note: This information applies when setting up your primary sales tax rate from the Setup Interview or upon being prompted when you go to make a sale.

QuickBooks POS Sales Tax SetupUse this page to set up your primary sales tax.

  • If you collect sales tax, answer Yes
  • Enter your primary sales tax rate and the government agency to which you pay the collected taxes

Entering tax information here sets up one tax code and one tax location for you, with the tax rate you specify applied to all taxable items. As you enter/edit your items in inventory, assign this tax code to them so that tax is automatically collected on sales.

If you need to configure more advanced sales tax options, such as collecting sales tax at different rates for different types of merchandise or services, for sales in different locations, based on item price thresholds, or to pay taxes to multiple agencies, you can set up those tax options later in Point of Sale company preferences.


QuickBooks POS Merchant Service

Note: Requires Internet connection


QuickBooks POS Payments SetupMost retailers will want to sign up for an account with the QuickBooks POS Merchant Service, provided by Innovative Merchant Solutions (IMS), an Intuit company, to accept and process credit and debit/ATM card transactions.

Key benefits of the service include:

  • No duplicate data entry. All your credit and debit/ATM card sales are authorized, settled, and recorded directly in QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • Integrated batch settlement reporting within QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • Choice of modem or secure Internet connection to communicate with the service.
  • Optional cash back option for PIN debit transactions

You can apply for an account with the QuickBooks POS Merchant Service by calling (952) 232-6388. The application takes just minutes to complete, and you’ll receive an approval decision and your Merchant Service number promptly. Once received, you enter your Merchant Number in company preferences to enable payments by credit and/or debit/ATM card.

A card reader is recommended, but not required to process credit card transactions (higher fees apply on non-swipe transactions). You can find a good one here. A PIN pad is required to process PIN debit transactions. A modem or persistent (always on) Internet connection is necessary for transmitting data to and from at least one of your Point of Sale workstations. (Hardware sold separately.)

With QuickBooks POS Merchant Service, each time a customer presents a credit or debit/ATM card as payment, the card is swiped through the card reader or PIN pad device. Point of Sale then submits the card information to the processor for authorization. Credit card information can also be manually entered. Within seconds, the status of the transaction is relayed back to the merchant’s computer.

Credit and debit card transactions are settled when a merchant runs the End of Day procedure. Settlement initiates the actual transfer of funds from the card-issuing bank to the merchant’s bank account.

Point of Sale records the transaction information on your computer so you can generate reports or access the details of a transaction later. You can run Merchant Service reports from the reports area of Point of Sale.

Important Notes:

  • Users of the QuickBooks POS Merchant Service must take steps to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements for the secure processing, storage, and transmittal of credit and debit card transactions.
  • Credit card transaction data must be sent to the processor for settlement within one day of authorizing the transaction to avoid paying higher fees.


Sign up for the QuickBooks POS Gift Card Service

QuickBooks POS Gift Card Setup
The QuickBooks POS Gift Card Service, provided by Innovative Merchant Solutions, LLC (IMS), an Intuit company, allows you to sell, redeem, and track the balance of gift cards from within Point of Sale. An Intuit Payments Account is required.

Getting set up is easy!

Note: Internet connection required

Just give a support representative a call at: (952) 232-6388 and your gift card account will be activated in conjunction with your Intuit QuickBooks Payment Account.


Hardware Setup Wizard

The Hardware Setup Wizard is launched automatically when you configure hardware in the Setup Interview to guide you through connecting and configuring hardware to work with Point of Sale. If you add hardware in the future, you can manually access the setup wizard from the File menu or from the hardware configuration pages in workstation preferences.

QuickBooks POS Hardware SetupImportant: Do not connect hardware to your computer until instructed to do so by the wizard.

To use the Hardware Setup Wizard:

  • If installing hardware purchased from Intuit, put the Point of Sale CD in your CD-ROM drive (cancel the installation wizard if it launches).
  • Click Next after reading the welcome page.
  • Select the type of hardware you are installing.
  • Select Next and follow the on-screen instructions to connect, set up, and test each piece of hardware.

Notes: If installing non-Intuit hardware, you may be prompted to use the manufacturer’s CD or instructions to install the device. When done return to the setup wizard and continue.

Since Windows, Software and Hardware are constantly changing, the driver you need may not be on the CD. To find the most current driver, go to www.quickbooks.com/support and search for Hardware Drivers. You should see a link for the tested drivers as well as instructions for installation.

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