QuickBooks Point of Sale: Tracking and Shipping


 Shipping Reports and Tracking in Point of Sale

  • Shipping Summary Report – A quick view of the number and cost of shipments by carrier/service for the specified period. This report can be modified to add additional data. Double-click when the QuickZoom icon is shown to drill down to the detail report. Example

  •   Shipping Detail Report – A more detailed look at your shipments, with tracking numbers and information from the sales receipts. You can run this report directly or reach it by drilling down from a summary report (shown is a drill-down from the summary report above). If run directly, this report can be modified to add additional data

  • Shipping 2If using Shipping Manager, tracking numbers are automatically added to Point of Sale receipts. If you have an Internet connection, you can go to the carrier’s Web site to track the status of a package without having to open Shipping Manager and without having to retype the tracking number.

  • Sales Receipt Form – The tracking number is displayed in the Shipping Info area of the form. Click the link or select Track Shipment from the drop-down Options button.

  • Sales History – When viewing your collapsed Sales History list (example below), a tracking link is added to the Information Panel on the right. Click the link to connect to the tracking site.

  • Shipping.4Note: If a Shipping Manager shipment contains multiple packages, each has its own tracking number. The link displayed in Point of Sale is for the first package. You can track the other packages from the shipping history window in Shipping Manager as described below.

Reports and Tracking in Shipping Manager

Report and tracking features are also available from the Shipping History window in Shipping Manager, if you use it.

To access Shipping History window:

  1. From the Point of Sale menu, select QuickBooks Shipping Manager.

  2. Select UPS Shipping Options.

  3. Select Track or Cancel a Shipment.

The Shipping Manager is launched and your shipping history, defaulted to today’s shipments, is displayed. Each line in the table represents a package, not a shipment (which could have multiple packages).


Some of the options available from this window are:

  • Change the date range, search for a specific parcel, or customize the columns.

  • Highlight a package and then select Track to go online and view the status.

  • Select Report to run, and optionally print, a detailed report of shipments.

  • Right-click a parcel to see additional options.

  • Select Delete to cancel the shipment. This option is available only until the carrier accepts the package.

Select Help on this window for more information about managing your shipments.


  • If you are integrated with QuickBooks financial software, shipping charges, including any handling or markup from Shipping Manager, are sent to a single Shipping Expense account as mapped in company preferences.

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