New QuickBooks Point of Sale Update (R12)

QuickBooks Point of Sale Update

Good News!

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QuickBooks Point of Sale Update Release 12 fixes many bugs and glitches that have been bothering POS users for quite some time.

The following changes and improvements were made to QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 in release R12. Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes in earlier releases.

Unless otherwise noted, these changes apply to all editions of Point of Sale — Point of Sale Basic, Point of Sale Pro and Point of Sale Multi-Store.

  • Point of Sale will no longer return an error if the backup screen is clicked on while the backup is taking place
  • When opening Point of Sale error message “Value cannot be null. Parameter:s” will no longer occur
  • Point of Sale will no longer become unresponsive when the ‘Company Operations’ window is open and the program is clicked on
  • The Connection Wizard will now assist in connecting client workstations to the server
  • Client can now be updated automatically if client is trying to connect to a server of higher release
  • Point of Sale Add-ons developed by third party developers will no longer return an error when adding multiple items to a receipt using IPOSDocumentItems.AddItems in the add on interface
  • Help section will now show correctly in all windows
  • Point of Sale Add-ons developed by third party developers will no longer timeout on REST Queries
  • Operating System information now being reported correctly when participating in the Analytics Study
  • Home page will now be enabled immediately after closing any window in Point of Sale
  • Search accuracy from Item List improved
  • ‘QBPOSShell has stopped working’ will no longer display when right clicking on Point of Sale from the task bar and then selecting the Point of Sale program
  • Point of Sale will now minimize when the icon is clicked on from the task bar.
  • Cursor will now default to the swipe field when taking a debit card as form of payment
Sales, Purchasing and Items
  • Multiple instances of Purchase Order will no longer occur
  • Customer history can now be viewed from the sales receipt
  • Selecting a sales receipt from customer history will no longer return an error
  • The correct Purchase Order will now show when accessing Purchase Orders from the Sales Order list
  • Selecting Purchase Order from the ‘In progress’ menu will now display the new Purchase Order instead of the Purchase Order list
  • Item Stats will now show statistics for more than 100 records
  • Net Sales will now display correctly for all items
  • Receiving Voucher will now display correctly when accessing a voucher by going to Reports > Vendor List, selecting a vendor and choosing the ‘View List’ option then choosing ‘Receive items from this vendor’ from the ‘I Want To’ menu
  • On hand quantities of 100,000 or more will no longer return and ‘Invalid Input’ message
  • Return Item receipt number will now display when accepting a return on a Sales Receipt.
  • Customer history and statistics will now display correctly when creating a new customer
  • Selecting ‘Make a Sale’ from the ‘Switch To’ menu on a customer after accessing it from the Customer List will now take you to a Sales Receipt
  • All Displayed Customers’ will now display accurate information when exporting customers to Excel
  • Customer Type’ field will no longer truncate types with more than sixteen characters.
Employee Security
  • Employee Security now displays the correct help topic
  • Description of security right will now display when a Security Right is selected
  • Employee security group can no longer make changes to store account settings
Financial Exchange
  • Point of Sale will no longer become unresponsive when exchanging data with QuickBooks for larger Point of Sale data files
  • The full item description from the Point of Sale receipt will now be sent to QuickBooks in the financial exchange
Mobile Sync
  • Non-taxable items sold on mobile devices will no longer cause an ‘Unbalanced Payment’ error in the financial exchange and will send successfully to QuickBooks.
  • “Value cannot be null. Parameter:s”¬†will no longer be returned when running a mobile sync

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