QuickBooks Point of Sale Update: R11 (Release 11)

QuickBooks Point of Sale SystemIntuit pushed out a new QuickBooks Point of Sale update today!

This release is mainly focused on customer improvements and requested user upgrades.

The following changes and improvements were made to QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 in release R11. Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes in earlier releases.

Unless otherwise noted, these changes apply to all editions of Point of Sale — Point of Sale Basic, Point of Sale Pro and Point of Sale Multi-Store.

Release 11


  • A new company file can now have a period at the end of the name.
  • When opening Point of Sale error message “Value cannot be null. Parameter:s” will no longer occur.
  • Usage and Analytic Study added
  • Point of Sale Addons developed by third party developers will no longer timeout on REST Queries


  • Customer Statistics window now has accurate data.
  • Will no longer give an error when adding a customer with multiple email addresses to a sales receipt.

Sales, Purchasing and Items

  • When selecting Item Detail in Item List it will appear without additional delay.
  • Correct item will now display and print when printing tags from the Item List.
  • Will no longer give an error when changing Price Level on a Unit of Measure item.
  • Search results now show correct item details.
  • Open PO view from Homepage now takes you to the Open PO list.
  • Cursor now returns to scan/enter item info box after using Quick Pick items.
  • Will no longer receive error when creating a new item, vendor or customer.
  • Receipt number is now visible in item history.
  • Receipt number is now visible in customer history.

Multi Store Functionality

  • Remote Store will now prompt when scanning an unrecognized item.
  • Reward symbol now displays at remote store.

Financial Exchange

  • Will no longer give an error when sending a return receipt with group items to QuickBooks.

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