QuickBooks Point of Sale: View Quantities on Order

inventory on orderYou can view item quantities currently on order for an item in the On Order column of your item list . You may have to add this column to the list. You can also initiate the creation of a new purchase order from inventory.

To view on-order quantities:

  • Display your item list and sort, search or filter to find an item.
    • The current quantity on order is displayed in the On Order column.
      QuickBooks Point of Sale View Quantities on Order
    • (Pro) You can also view on-order quantities and a list of pending purchase orders from the Available Quantity window in inventory.

To initiate a new PO from inventory:

  1. Display the item or items you wish to order.
    • Select Out of Stock Items or Items to Reorder from the drop-down filter at the top of the window, or
    • Search for items by keyword, or
    • Sort or scroll to find item(s)
  2. Select the items to be ordered from the displayed items.
    • Tip: Select only those to be ordered from the same vendor at one time. One PO will be made with all selected items.
  3. Select Order Items from the I Want To menu.
    • A new purchase order is opened with the item(s) already listed.
  4. Complete and save the purchase order in the normal manner, adjusting the order quantity and cost, and adding other items, as necessary.
  5. Select Go Back to return to inventory.
  6. Repeat for other items if necessary.

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