QuickBooks POS: Add a New Time Entry

A Very Easy Guide To Recording Time Entries:

Alright, let’s just say one of your employees forgot to enter their time during one of those last minute call-in days. Or, maybe they simply forgot to clock out, and you realize one of your cashiers has a 27 hour shift! Well, Here are some steps to get those times correct. If you have sufficient security rights, you can add new entries to your Time Clock history.

To add a Time Clock entry:

1.) At the Home page, select Employees from the tool bar above. In the drop won, select  New Employee Time Entry.


2.) Enter the employee name, Store number (if applicable), and clock in/out dates and times as applicable.


*If making an entry in the Elapsed Time field, use the format hh:mm (Example: 04:30 for 4.5 hours)

3.) Select Save at the bottom right corner.

To Change/ Edit the time on an employee’s clock in/out history:

1.) Select Time Clock History on the Home page.

2.) Select the employee whose time needs adjustment and click on Edit Entry in the tool bar above.


3.) From here, you can correct the times to what they are supposed to be. Once you’re done, simply click Save at the bottom right of your screen.


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