QuickBooks POS: Email a receipt or order from Point of Sale

quickbooks-point-of-saleYou can e-mail Point of Sale documents to your vendors and customers. All documents are e-mailed using the same basic procedure. When e-mailing documents, Point of Sale automatically launches your default Windows e-mail client, creates the e-mail, and attaches the document in PDF format. You must have entered e-mail addresses for the customer and/or vendor being e-mailed on their respective records.

(Pro level only:) Other document e-mailing preferences allow you to create the document attachment in the format of your choice (PDF, Excel, HTML, or plain text) and define the default message text for each document type.

Detailed Instructions

  1. Create the document following normal procedures.
  2. Display or select the document to be e-mailed:
    1. Optionally, you can set your printing preferences to be prompted to e-mail each sales receipt to your customers (in addition to printing the receipt). This option also provides you an opportunity to collect customers’ e-mail addresses if you don’t already have them.
    2. Order documents, such as purchase orders and customer orders, can be e-mailed while creating them or from the order list.
    3. Transactional documents, other than sales receipts as described above, must be saved before they can be e-mailed from the document history
  3. Select Send as E-mail from the I Want To menu (or from window toolbar in some lists).
    Point of Sale creates the e-mail, attaches the document, and displays it in your default e-mail client.
    Important: Your e-mail client must be set up and configured for use, (contact email provider for ports and configuration settings) a permissions dialog for access to your e-mail application may appear behind the pos window In some cases,you can  Press on your keyboard to switch to the message and give permission for the access.
  4. Review and edit the e-mail address, subject line, and message as necessary, and then select Send.

make-a-sale-screenNote: There is a known issue with using Outlook Express and sending file attachments. If you also have Microsoft Outlook installed, the e-mail and attachment will be generated in Outlook instead. You can either select Microsoft Outlook as your default e-mail client or, if you wish to continue using Outlook Express, use the Add or Remove Programs option from the Windows Control Panel to uninstall Microsoft Outlook.

Documents e-mailed from Point of Sale are named in the following format: qbpos .  Leading zeroes are not included in the document number and the file extension is changed based on the file type.

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