QuickBooks POS: The Financial Center

The Financial Center provides a single access point to all activities related to exchanging data with QuickBooks financial software.

To access the Financial Center:

  • From the Financial menu, select FINANCIAL CENTER.


  • Select FINANCIAL CENTER from the Navigator.

    Financial Center

    From the Financial Center, you can:

  • Confirm the connection and last exchange status, and the names of the company files for both programs

  • Manually initiate a Financial Exchange (select Update QuickBooks Now)

  • View the activity log to see results of previous exchanges

The following options are available after selecting Show Advanced Options from the Overview page:

  • Set up or modify your connection to QuickBooks with the connection wizard

  • Import items from QuickBooks

  • Recover data (resend for a specified date range) to your QuickBooks company file in the event of a data loss in QuickBooks

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