QuickBooks POS: QuickBooks Connection Wizard Overview

The QuickBooks Connection Wizard can assist you in establishing the connection between Point of Sale and your QuickBooks financial software.

If you haven’t already, you may want to read the following topics:

Before you can connect Point of Sale to your QuickBooks financial software and share data, the following requirements must be met:

  • You must be using QuickBooks financial software, Pro or Premier Editions (2010 – 2013), or Enterprise Solutions (10.0 – 13.0)

  • If connecting across a network, a properly installed and configured network with mapped drives as appropriate for your installation choice

Networking issues and FAQs

  • You must have installed QuickBooks and set up the company file you will use with Point of Sale

QuickBooks installation options

How do I set up my QuickBooks company file?

  • To initially establish the connection between the programs, your QuickBooks financial software must be running and your company file open

If you meet all of these requirements, you are ready to use the connection wizard to connect to QuickBooks.

Before you can share data, you should prepare your QuickBooks financial software by doing the following:

  • Make a backup copy of both your Point of Sale and QuickBooks files.  (Create a unique name for the backup. For example: “POS backup before QB”).

  • Install QuickBooks on the same computer as QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 for sharing.

  • Turn on the collection of sales tax, if applicable.

  • Turn on Inventory, if applicable.

  • Clean up QuickBooks lists (optional, if you plan to import data)

The wizard will help you select the QuickBooks company file with which you will share Point of Sale data and will configure Point of Sale so that it will reconnect to the same QuickBooks company file automatically in the future. The wizard will also alert you if a condition exists that prevents the connection and help you rectify the problem so you can continue.

The wizard will start automatically when a connection is needed or you can start it manually at anytime in Point of Sale by selecting Set Up QuickBooks Connection Now from:

  • The Financial Center (select Financial Center from the Financial menu or from the Navigator), or

  • The Financial page of company preferences

If this is your first time connecting the programs, launch QuickBooks and open your financial company file before selecting Next on the connection wizard page.

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