QuickBooks POS: How QuickBooks Handles Point of Sale Data

What’s Important to Know About the Exchange of Data?

  • There is not necessarily a one-to-one correspondence of documents in Point of Sale and QuickBooks Transactions can be posted differently to QuickBooks depending on whether you sendsummarized or detailed information and if you have customized the account mappings between the programs.

  • You can verify the exchange status of individual transactions or view linked QuickBooks documents/records from your Point of Sale lists.

  • Financial exchange reports provide listings of transactions and records exchanged and are another means of verifying successful exchange.

  • Some transactions/documents created in QuickBooks are governed by QuickBooks rules. For example, the “To be printed” flag is set on a document created from Point of Sale if it was set on the last document of the same type. And customer payments on account are automatically applied to open invoices (or not) according to your Receive Payments preferences in QuickBooks.

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