QuickBooks POS: Sales Tax Integration with QuickBooks

Sales tax amounts collected in Point of Sale are sent to QuickBooks financial software according to the sale tax mappings specified for each Point of Sale tax code used. Tax codes and the QuickBooks tax mappings used by Point of Sale are defined on the sales tax page of company preferences.

When configuring your Point of Sale sales taxes, you can leave the QuickBooks tax mappings blank and Point of Sale will automatically create matching tax items and codes in your QuickBooks financial software.

Point of Sale offers two reports for viewing the sales tax amounts you have collected:

  • Sales Tax Summary – Sales tax collected in a specified date range, sorted and totaled by tax location/code.

  • Tax Activity Detail – Journal of all taxable sales receipts in a specified date range.

Either report can be modified to filter, sort, and display your tax information in the manner you prefer, and memorized if you wish to use the same settings for the future.

To view sales tax reports:

  1. From the Point of Sale Reports menu or Report Center, choose Sales.

  2. From the Sales sub-menu, select either Taxes – Sales Tax Summary or Taxes – Tax Activity Detail.

Point of Sale displays the report.

  1. Modify the report date range, included tax locations an codes, or other options as necessary.

Point of Sale displays the report with your changes.

If you also use QuickBooks financial software, you can view sales tax reports in that program as well. Refer to your QuickBooks documentation for instructions.

If you set up a Point of Sale multi-rate tax code, one tax item is created in QuickBooks for each component rate included in the code.

Custom Mapping of Sales Tax to QuickBooks

If you prefer, and you have already set up sales tax items/codes in QuickBooks, you can manually map your Point of Sale tax codes to those when setting up your tax codes in Point of Sale.

If you are required to collect and pay sales taxes to multiple agencies (city, county, and state, for example) you should set up a sales tax group in QuickBooks and then map your Point of Sale tax code(s) to the group.QuickBooks POS: Sales Tax Integration with QuickBooks

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