QuickBooks POS: Set Up QuickBooks Sales Tax

If you collect sales tax, you must have sales tax turned on in your QuickBooks financial software, so that Point of Sale can send sales tax information.

To turn on the collection of sales tax in QuickBooks financial software:

  1. Start your QuickBooks financial software and open the company file which you are going to integrate with Point of Sale.

  2. From the QuickBooks Edit menu, select Preferences.

  3. Select Sales Tax from the left-side preferences menu.

  4. Select the Company Preferences tab.

  5. If you collect sales tax, make sure the response for “Do you charge sales tax?” is Yes.

If you do not charge sales tax, answer No.

  1. Select OK.

With this setting turned on, Point of Sale will automatically create sales tax items and tax codes, as necessary, in QuickBooks when sending sales tax information

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