QuickBooks POS: Unlock to a Higher Level

How to Reach a Higher Level:

If you need additional functionality, you can unlock to a higher level of Point of Sale at any time over the phone, for an additional fee.
To unlock to a higher license level:
Call 1-888-255-9878 select option 3 from the menu and tell the service agent that you want to unlock to a higher level.

  • Follow the instruction provided to enter the new product and validation numbers.
  • Close Point of Sale and restart on all workstations to begin using the higher-level features.


If you have multiple user licenses for a networked installation, you must unlock all licenses to the same level of Point of Sale. User licenses that are not unlocked will not be able to access the company file after the Server Workstation has unlocked.
There is no need to reinstall the Point of Sale software or transfer your company file, the change to the new level is handled automatically as each workstation is restarted.
Write down or print your new license number and product code. If you ever have to reinstall Point of Sale, you should use these new numbers. If you have to re-install and have lost these numbers, call QB Service.


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