QuickBooks POS: v12.0 R5 New Features!

The QuickBooks POS 12.0 Pro R5 Patch was just released online:

What’s important about QuickBooks Release 5?



  • Updated sign up/sign in flows at all points where an Intuit service is accessed.
  • If client workstations are open when accessing Company Operations from the file menu on the server, a message will now advise that other workstations are still connected to the currently open data file.

QuickBooks Payments

  • Voice Authorization numbers have been updated to reflect the change to Chase Paymentech.

Sales, Purchasing and Items

  • POS-V12-Image-11-logo_thumbThe number of credit card transactions will now be displayed on the credit button in the Make a Sale screen.
  • Group and Assembly items can now be edited.
  • Search results while searching in Inventory List will now be retained after sorting search results. – Yay!
  • When scanning an item while on the Home Page and placing it on a Sales Receipt, the cursor will now return to the Scan and enter items field so that additional items can be added to the receipt. – Huh?
  • Point of Sale will no longer hang when settled transactions are being reversed.
  • Items that are ready to be reordered will now show correctly in the Reminders and Suggested POs lists.
  • Non-Inventory Item quantities can now be changed in list edit. – I’m not sure if I’m quite understanding that one. How does one change qty’s of a non-inventory item?
  • Point of Sale will now auto-complete the Vendor’s name when adding new Vendors by looking up Vendors in the D & B database. – Cool!
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale now has a new Company Preference available to disallow customers from returning the same items on a sales receipt multiple times. – Ha ha, that’s good, Scammers!
  • “List index out of bounds” error will no longer be returned when updating the discount, freights or fee on a Receiving Voucher.

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