QuickBooks POS: Verify the Exchange of Individual Transactions 1

If you have Point of Sale integrated with QuickBooks financial software, there are several ways for you to check the Financial Exchange status of individual transactions with QuickBooks:

  • Financial exchange reports which provide a detailed listing of all documents and records exchanged

  • The ability to view the transactions created in QuickBooks via links from your Point of Sale documents and records (available from Server Workstation only)

  • The activity log which is especially useful for troubleshooting exchange errors

  • The QB Status field in Point of Sale lists (explained below)

The QuickBooks Status Field in Point of Sale List

The QB Status field is available to add to your Point of Sale lists for each data type sent to QuickBooks (customers, vendors, sales history, receiving history, etc.). This field shows the exchange status of a document or record:

  • Not Posted – not yet sent to QuickBooks. This transaction will be sent with the next Financial Exchange.

  • Completed – successfully sent to QuickBooks.

  • Error – attempting to send the transaction to QuickBooks resulted in an error. Check the activity log for clues to resolve the error.

  • Unbilled purchases – (vouchers only) merchandise has been received on a voucher but has yet to be billed; document has been sent to unbilled purchases in QuickBooks. Displayed only if you have selected to enter vendor billing information in Point of Sale.

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One thought on “QuickBooks POS: Verify the Exchange of Individual Transactions

  • Michael Wiley

    In regards to Quickbooks Point of Sale. I have a client that does enter customer data in POS. Name, address, phone number, etc…They of course make cash sales, check sales and credit card sales. When the data is exchanged and dumped over into quickbooks accounting, the cash and check sales bring over the customer information. The credit card sales do not. And yes we have clicked the box for POS to integrate with quickbooks. The sale comes over without any customer information. I have contacted support and had the store has contacted support and POS tells us that is intuit merchant services and merchant services tells us that it is POS. Has anyone experienced this problem and if so I would so appreciate any information or advice.