QuickBooks POS Versions Prior to 2013 Must Update By February 5th

Important QuickBooks Point of Sale Software Update Now Available
A Fraud Protection Software update was released on January 9, 2013. A customer email communication was sent on Thursday, January 10th. No action or software update is required for current QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 customers.

Patch Release Dates
A patch will be released every three business days.
• V7, January 9
• V10, January 14
• V9, January 17
• V8, January 22
Patch Release Notes
Security enhancement which provides even more robust protection for merchant services.

Customers must install the patch by February 5th to avoid interruption in their service.

• Why are we releasing a Fraud patch?
o To provide even more robust protection for merchant services
• Why do customers need to install the patch by February 5th?
o Customers need to install the patch to ensure the latest security update for merchant services. If the patch is not installed by 2/5, customers won’t be able to process merchant services. Transactions will return with an error message advising to call POS Support.
• How do customers install the patch?
1. In your POS software, click on the Help link located in the right-hand corner of your screen
2. Select software update
3. Select check for updates
4. If an update is available, please select install this update

If you have any questions about this required update, please call QB Services, LLC ASAP and we will help to ensure that your POS system is up to date.

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