Quickbooks running slow? Here are four ways you can speed it up today!

faster-quickbooks-speed1. Turn off QuickBooks features that bog you down. Don’t keep a bunch of windows open.

2. Turn off things in Windows that bog you down. If your computer has been in use for awhile, chances are good that it is running software that takes up system resources without contributing anything. Get your IT person to check it out for you. (If you are pretty tech savvy yourself, you already know about editing the Startup list with MSCONFIG.) Turn off startup items that you don’t need. That will give QuickBooks — and all your other programs — more elbow room, and it can it run faster.

3. Upgrade your hardware. Every time a new release of QuickBooks hits the streets, the system requirements go up. The software simply assumes that your hardware will be of the same generation as the software. If you have old workstations or an old server, hardware may be your performance bottleneck.

4. Bring your file size down. Especially if you are running multi-user, a large QuickBooks company file can really slow things down.

Options? Super-condensing your file will reduce its size by up to 60-80%. We’ll evaluate it for you free. You can also do the condense and cleanup commands in QuickBooks. Sometimes they yield significant results in file size reduction, sometimes not.

Other ideas to speed up QuickBooks? Let’s hear from you.

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