QuickBooks Security Warning

Recently I’ve heard from customers who are frequently getting this security warning when working within QuickBooks. The warning window looks like this:


Intuit used parts of Microsoft Internet Explorer to display some of their pages from within QuickBooks.  So the security setting in your Internet Explorer (IE) browser needs to be changed even if you do not use IE.  So to stop these nasty messages from interferring with your work, do the following in IE:

1)  Go to the Settings


2) Click on “Internet Options” on the menu.

3)  On the form that pop’s up, click on the Security Tab.

Security Tab

4) Click on, “Customize”.

5)  Then scroll way down (just over half way) until you see the setting, “Display Mixed Content”.

Security Settings

6) Click on “Enable”.

That’s it!  You shouldn’t have any more problems with that warning

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