QuickBooks Support – Invoices are showing under Checks and Payments side of reconcile screen

checkingWhen attempting to reconcile bank account, there are invoices showing on the left hand side of reconcile screen under “Checks and Payments”.  The reason the invoices are showing on the reconcile screen is that there is a item on the invoice that linked to a bank account.

How to fix it

  1. Go to Banking/Reconcile.
  2. Select the correct bank account from the Account drop down window.
  3. Enter the correct Ending Balance from your bank statement and any Services Charges or Interest Earned, click Continue.
  4. On the next screen, click on Columns to Display button and check “Type” under Checks and Payments.
  5. Double click on one of the invoices listed. Once the invoice is displayed, hold down CTRL + Y to create a quick report on the invoice.
  6. Determine which Items are linked to the bank account and showing as credit.
  7. Go to Lists/ Item List.
  8. Double click the Item from quick report to edit, or highlight Item and select Edit from the Item drop down box in lower left corner.
  9. In the Edit Item window, click the Account drop down window and select an account other than a Bank Account (usually an Income account).
  10. Click OK once correct account is selected. A message will appear: You have changed an account associated with this item. All future transactions with this item will will use this new account.  Would you like to update existing transactions?
  11. Click Yes, then OK.

Once the change has been made, all invoices using item previously linked to bank account, and showing under Checks and Payments in reconcile screen, will no longer show there.

Note:  the invoice can also appear in the check register as part of the same symptom.

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