QuickBooks Support: Reconcile previously deleted and re-entered checking (or credit card) transactions

This process is also called a mini-reconciliation or a special reconciliation.

Trouble shooting issues with bank accounts and banking transactions often require that you delete and re-enter transactions. If the deleted transactions have been cleared, then you must re-reconcile them for your future reconciliation opening balances to be correct.. This article shows you how to re-reconcile these transactions.

QuickBooks flags transactions internally with the reconciliation date to generate reports of previous reconciliation. For QuickBooks to recognize re-entered transactions as reconciled, the transactions must be re-reconciled in the reconciliation window.

Detailed instructions

Method 1: These steps use the date of the previous reconciliation.

  • Reconciling a bank account
    1. In the menu bar, select Banking > Reconcile to open the Begin Reconciliation window.
    2. Enter the date of your most recent reconciliation.
    3. Enter the balance of your last successful reconciliation in the Ending Balance field
    4. Click Continue. This opens the Reconcile – Account window.
    5. Check off the transactions you have reentered.
    6. Be sure that the Difference field shows $0.00 and click Reconcile Now.
  • Reconciling a credit card account
    1. Follow same steps as above for reconciling a bank account.
    2. After you click on Reconcile Now in the Credit Card reconciliation, you will be asked to create a ‘Payment Check’ or ‘Create a Bill to Pay Later’.
    3. Select option to Create a Bill.
    4. After printing the Reconciliation Report (if desired), a Bill will appear on screen for the Credit Card (amount will be the balance you just reconciled).
    5. Simply click on Clear (lower right side of screen); this will remove all information from bill.
    6. You can then close the Bill Window.
    7. A bill is not created and it will not affect your credit card balance.


Method 2: An alternate method uses a date other than the most recent reconciliation.

  • Reconciling a bank account
    1. In the menu bar, select Banking > Reconcile, to open the Begin Reconciliation window.
    2. Select the Account that you need to reconcile.
    3. Enter date of statement on which the transaction appeared, so that the transaction appears in the proper reconciliation reports.
    4. In the Ending Balance field, enter $1.00.
    5. Click the Continue button to open the Reconcile – Account window.
    6. Check off the transaction(s) you are reconciling.
    7. Click the Modify button to reopen the Begin Reconciliation window.
    8. Copy the Cleared Balance into the Ending Balance field.
    9. Click the Continue button
    10. The Difference will now be zero. Click the Reconcile Now button.
  • Reconciling a credit card account
    1. Follow the same procedure for reconciling a bank account.
    2. When you click Reconcile Now, QuickBooks pops up a message:
    3. The outstanding balance on this account is $n,nnn.
    4. To pay all or a portion of this amount, select the payment type and click OK.
    5. To leave the balance in reconciled account, click Cancel.
    6. Be aware that creating a Bill that you are not prepared to pay now will put QuickBooks and your statement out of sync because QuickBooks shows a payment and your statement does not.
    7. Click Cancel on the message window.

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