QuickBooks Guide- Recording merchant fees and deposits

Record merchant fees and deposits in QuickBooks 2013

This article details how to record the following items in QuickBooks 2013:

  • Credit card deposits and fees.
  • Intuit PaymentNetwork deposits and fees.
  • Check deposits and fees.

Record credit card deposits and fees

  1. Go to the Customers menu > Credit Card Processing ActivitiesDownload Fees.

2. A window appears displaying all downloadable deposits and fees.

3. Click the checkbox next to each deposit and/or fee you would like to record. You may also click the checkbox in the header to select all deposits or fees.

4. Click the Record all selected card deposits and fees in QuickBooks button at the bottom of the window.

Record Intuit PaymentNetwork deposits and fees

1. Go to the Customers menu > Intuit PaymentNetwork > Download Payments.

2. If this is your first time downloading IPN payments into QB 2013, you will be prompted to sign in.

3. Make sure Receive payments and record deposits to this QuickBooks bank account is selected. Click the arrow under Select an account… and choose the bank account you would like the deposits to be recorded into.

4. Select the payment(s) you would like to record and click Download to QuickBooks. The payment(s) will be recorded against the corresponding open invoice and mark the invoice as paid. The deposit(s) and the fee(s) will be recorded in the bank selected in step #3.

Record check deposits and fees

1. Go to the Banking menu > Make Deposits.

2. Select the payment(s) you want to record.

3. Click OK.

4. The deposit appears as a line item automatically, but you need to create a line item for the fee, if applicable. NOTE: You can confirm check fee amounts in the Merchant Service Center.

5. Click Save & Close.

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