QuickBooks: Are you seeing “Your Full Serviced Plan Expired” and it hasn’t

Earlier this week we opened up our ProAdvisor copy of Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Accountant, and in the right column of the Home Page we saw a notification that was confusing to us – “Your Full Serviced Plan Expired”. What? We are a member of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program in good standing, so what does this mean? Why are we seeing this?

We checked with one of our Enterprise clients, they didn’t see this message.

We checked with another ProAdvisor, he didn’t see this on HIS version of Enterprise, so was this just another mix-up with our Intuit account?

We forgot to ask him, though, about how his test file was set up. This portion of the Home Page only shows if you are using the top icon bar, rather than the left icon bar, so he might not have seen it.

We checked with my friend (another ProAdvisor), and SHE also saw this. OK, so it wasn’t just me…

Several ProAdvisors noticed this and started a discussion about how it was a foul-up in the entitlement database (where Intuit keeps track of which features you are entitled to use), or possibly an unannounced change in the ProAdvisor program? People are always looking for some sort of conspiracy these days, and discussions can go off on some interesting tangents. Hey, maybe this has something to do with the government shutdown?

We asked our friends at Intuit about this, and we got the impression that there was a bit of a discussion about why exactly this was happening, which group was responsible, and what the heck this all meant, and it took awhile for them to find an answer.

So, the answer is, essentially, “It is an erroneous message that has no impact on the product and can be ignored. We hope to have the issue fixed soon.”

We believe that this only is showing up in the Accountant version of Enterprise (maybe not limited to ProAdvisors?). This is the block of the Home Page where Intuit posts special messages (“in-product messaging”), so someone probably just flipped a switch accidentally. I’ll bet that by the time you are reading this the issue may already be fixed.



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