Remote Data Sharing (RDS)

Remote Data Sharing (RDS) is an alternative method for integrating Point of Sale with QuickBooks financial software over a local area network (LAN) using server/client applications. View Illustration

Note: VPN’s and wireless networks tend to be low bandwidth (slow) and therefore are not recommended for use with RDS. These network configurations may be unreliable for this purpose.

Advantages of RDS

  • Doesn’t require that QuickBooks financial software be installed on your Point of Sale Server Workstation, which may be accessible to employees.

Disadvantages of RDS

  • More complex to set up and use than other integration methods

  • Terminology can be confusing: the “server” and “client” for RDS purposes do not correlate with the Point of Sale “Server” and “Client” Workstations

  • During data exchanges, your QuickBooks financial software and the RDS server application must be running, and your financial company file open on the computer that has QuickBooks

Get the RDS Files and Documentation

You can download the RDS application files and the most recent documentation for RDS from the following web site. This is a free download.

Internet connection required

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