How to Install Memory on a Hewlett Packard RP7800 POS Machine

How to install RAM (memory) on your Hewlett Packard RP7800 All-In-One POS System. This will be a brief and easy installation video for removing the back panel and installing RAM.

This particular model RP7800 from Hewlett Packard is the Pentium 32-bit version. So, we can only put an additional 2gb of RAM, as to fill the maximum 4gb 32-bit threshold.


  1. First, you will remove the back cable cover.
    Reach around the sides and firmly grasp the tabs that are on the top of the cord cover. push the tabs and rotate the covering forward (toward the back of the machine).
  2. After the cord cover is removed you will find the outer cover buttons on each side of the lower monitor bezel. This is the somewhat tough part! You will firmly push in the buttons on each side, and then pull the back cover of the HP RP7 upward.
  3. The last step for installing or replacing the RAM (memory) in the Hewlett Packard 7800 Point of Sale System is to easily find the metal tab for the compartment door toward the top of the machine.
    Release this tab and hinge the compartment door toward the back of the machine.
  4. Now, you can easily see that the Memory is right inside this panel and there are two slots. On this demo machine at first, it did not like when I put the replacement RAM into the top slot. (blinking red light on front panel) I simply moved it to the lower slot, while the computer was off of course, and then it worked fine. I am unsure why this occurred.

For this model, HP recommends the following part:

  • 2GB — DDR3-1600 — SODIMM — B4U38AA

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