Running Quickbooks from the Web????

Enter data into QuickBooks from the BEST internet-based software that I have seen … EVER!

I am in Atlanta right now and have just come up with the best software interface that I have EVER witnessed.

Until now, I have never seen such a versitile web-based application that allows users to enter sales information, invoices, estimates, anything I could think of onto a customizable web-site and have it immediately (I am talking REAL TIME) go into your QuickBooks data file…I am talking about an application that can really change the way your data is being entered into QuickBooks.

This exciting piece of software is affordable, expandable, has unlimited customized fields, unlimited simultaneous users and a programable “API” that allows you to write interfaces to whatever application you need. For example, you can create a form on your web site that will talk to this API that will transfer the prospect information (or whatever you want) to this software.

As I learn more, I will post on this blog (including the name of the software) so that you can find out how this very cool software will help you with your business. Until then, why don’t you call me and I’ll get the information you are looking for!

You will not be disappointed with this application … I gaurantee it!

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