Sales Tax Issue Addressed in Point of Sale Release 5.0

As promised, Intuit has released their POS Release 5.0. Please update your POS machines for the latest and greatest. It truly does fix multiple issues that were in the earlier version.

Here is what was happening prior to the patch release 5:

QuickBooks financial:
• Sales tax items are created for each type of sales tax. (i.e. State tax, local tax, county tax, etc).
• Sales tax group is created to group them together as needed, (i.e. “State & Local Taxes”)
• Sales tax is split by using the group name, “State & Local Taxes”, into the corresponding tax types, “State tax”, “local tax”, “county tax”, etc…

Even though POS was correctly set up with sales tax pointing to the sales tax group in drop-down field that pulls the sales tax items from QuickBooks financial, the POS would create a new sales tax item called, “7.00%Tax” and would enter all the sales tax into a single tax item making it quite difficult to figure out how much was supposed to paid to each sales tax category.

With the new release, revision 5, the POS is now sending over the sales tax using the corresponding group item you assign it to and the sales tax is now split out correctly in QuickBooks financial software.

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