Welcome to the Service Center!

Simply pick up the phone, dial (952) 232-6388 and our receptionist will put you in contact with your QuickBooks specialist.

QB Services is glad to be able to bring you an abundance of services and service options that will suit your business needs. Help us get your business organized and tidy in its accounting practices.

Quickbooks Consultation

Let us help you create a plan to best manage your books and find the easiest solution for managing your business finances and payroll.

Hardware & Software Leasing

Ask us if there is a better solution involving the leasing of todays latest hardware and software.

Credit Card Processing

Payment Solutions that stand-alone, and integrate with both QuickBooks Accounting, QB Point of Sale, and many other industry standard business solutions.

Data Migration & Integration

If you are currently using an older version of QuickBooks or even a competitors software, you can trust our data manipulation skills to effectively bring your older, but still relevant data into the application most suited for your business.

Point of Sale Consultation

Are you running a retail oriented business? Let QB Services keep you up to date on the most current unfolding simplification for your Point Of Sales.

Mobile Point of Sale

Often times it will be much easier to do your Point Of Sales maintainance without being tethered to a PC. Using the latest wireless handheld technology makes it easy as you move about your business while still having your QuickBooks Point Of Sale in the palm of your hand.

QuickBooks Training

You can get all the consultation and advice in the world, but it will do little good, unless coupled with a healthy dose of invaluable training on how to use QuickBooks. Inquire now about when the next QuickBooks training seminar will be held by our very own Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

The key benefit of Remote Desktop Services is that there’s only one machine to manage for multiple users to access locally or remotely. The remote aspect is important because everyone needs remote access today.

QuickBase Database Development

QuickBase is a powerful web-based database platform which can be used for so many different applicable issues that we can not list all of them here, but here are some examples:

  • Automatic lead/territory management for a US sales team
  • Web database application that registers conference attendees
  • Custom database that managed orders for a furniture supplier
  • Resource scheduling for a busy air ambulance company
  • Shareable image library for a creative agency