Set QuickBooks Preferences to Allow Access

Access preferences must be set in your QuickBooks financial software to allow Point of Sale to send/receive information from your financial company file. Typically, this access is granted when you run the connection wizard.

However, this option may vary slightly between versions of QuickBooks and you may have to set this preference manually as described below.

To make sure QuickBooks allows access to Point of Sale:

  1. From the Edit menu in your QuickBooks financial software, select Preferences at the bottom of the Edit Menu, and then select Integrated Applications.
    File Preferences

  2. Select the Company Preferences tab and make sure the following checkbox is NOT selected:

  • “Don’t allow any applications to access this company file”
    Integrated Applications

  1. Select OK to save your changes.

Allowing Access even when QuickBooks financial software is not Running

While QuickBooks must be running and your company file open to initially establish the connection, you can set your QuickBooks preferences to allow Point of Sale to log in automatically, even when QuickBooks is not running, for future exchanges.

Note: This setting is only available after the initial connection is made. This setting is not applicable if you are using the remote data sharing connection option.

  1. Go to your Integrated Applications preferences in QuickBooks, as described above.

  2. Select the application QuickBooks Point of Sale and then select properties.

  3. Make sure the option checkboxes on the Access Rights tab are set as follows:


  • “Allow this application to access this company file”

  • “Allow this application to log in automatically”

Not selected:

  • “Prompt before allowing access”

  1. Select or create a user that Point of Sale will use to log in. We recommend that you select “Admin” as the user, but you can create a new one if desired. The specified user must have rights to access all data areas of the company file.

For example, if you create a user named “QB POS” and select this as your login choice, Point of Sale will log in with this identity (and corresponding access settings). Make sure the “QBPOS” user has full access rights.

  1. Select OK to save these settings in QuickBooks.

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