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Setting Up QuickBooks Inventory for the First Time – Part II

In Part 1 of this article, I explained why lists are the foundation for setting up and using QuickBooks inventory in a systematic way. We saw that prior to bringing in the Item List, you need to prepare several other lists. I then reviewed the various item types on the Item List, the structure of […]

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Setting up Inventory

Starting up QuickBooks Inventory for the First Time – Part One

In many ways, Intuit makes QuickBooks so simple and easy to use: enter vendor bills, complete customer invoices, write checks, etcetera, that people rush in to use the product. While that might be fine for some transactions, incorporating inventory into your data file is more like building a house: it takes planning and more of […]

QuickBooks Column Total Problem

Intuit added the ability to total columns in forms other than just the Amount column when they released QuickBooks Enterprise V15, but there are still some odd issues that people are running into. Here’s a workaround for one of the problems, where quantity totals don’t work in an invoice created from a sales order. QuickBooks […]


Job Cost Center

How to Show the QuickBooks Job Cost Center in QuickBooks Accountant

Are you using QuickBooks Accountant, because you want to have access to all of the features that QuickBooks includes? Perhaps you are an accountant or QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and that is the version that you were given. Did you happen to notice that the Job Costing Center isn’t showing in your menu? Want to see how to get to it […]