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How to Show the QuickBooks Job Cost Center in QuickBooks Accountant

Are you using QuickBooks Accountant, because you want to have access to all of the features that QuickBooks includes? Perhaps you are an accountant or QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and that is the version that you were given. Did you happen to notice that the Job Costing Center isn’t showing in your menu? Want to see how to get to it […]

Job Cost Center

QuickBooks Update

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 13.0 Windows Release 8(R8) – All Editions

I just received an update from Intuit regarding QuickBooks and wanted to give everyone a rundown of what is included in it. Here is how to update your QuickBooks program so the R8 update can take place for single user licenses.  Close QuickBooks and reopen QuickBooks. At the prompt to install the update now, choose […]