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Warning: The file you specified cannot be opened 14

So I installed my brand new copy of QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 and what should pop up but a Warning that says, “The file you specified cannot be opened.  Make sure that it is not currently being used by another program or a read-only file.  The Windows error was ‘The system cannot find the path specified’. […]


Continuing Issues with QuickBooks R7 Update

If you are using a third-party add-on program that works with QuickBooks Desktop versions, there is an ongoing problem that may cause QuickBooks to crash when you try to use your add-on product. I’ve talked about the QuickBooks 2013 R7 bug fix before, but there is a lot more to this than I originally realized. […]

QuickBooks 2013 R7 Bug: There is a fix folks

Automatic vs. Manual Updates: Grrr… New versions of QuickBooks are released as “manual” updates first. What I mean is, you have to go to the Intuit QuickBooks Support update page and click on the “update” button to download a patch file that you can be used to update your current installation. About a week later, […]