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QuickBooks: Reset Data Sync

If you sync your company file from one computer and then move it to another computer, you need to reset data sync. For example, if: You bought a new computer and want to set up your synced company file on it. Your hard disk crashed and you want to use your backup company file to […]

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QuickBooks: Resolve data damage with the Rebuild Data Utility

The Rebuild Data Utility repairs transaction and list damage in your company file, but it is limited to damage it is programmed to fix.   Run the Rebuild Data Utility When: You see an error message suggesting you Rebuild your data file. Verify Data ends with a data damage message. A QuickBooks In Product Help […]

How to Open QuickBooks When It Will Not Open

Occasionally, QuickBooks users find themselves in a Catch-22: They need to restore a backup in QuickBooks, but they can’t get QuickBooks itself to open. This can happen if your company file got damaged during your last session in the program. Perhaps the power went off and your computer turned off without closing out QuickBooks first, […]


Too Many Items

How Much Is Too Much? – Maximum number of entries for different parts of QuickBooks

Maximum number of list entries (list limits and custom fields) Each list in your company data file can contain up to a maximum number of list entries.   List name Max number of entries (Pro, Premier) Max number of entries (Enterprise Solutions) Chart of accounts 10,000 100,000 (10,000 in version 12.0 and earlier) Total names: […]

Repairing corrupted data files in QuickBooks 1

If  you expect that your data file may be corrupt, the best first choice is to contact QB Services who will perform a data analysis on your company file.  However, if you are a “do-it-yourselfer”, than you can try the following steps: Resort all of your sortable QuickBooks lists. Run the Rebuild Data File utility. […]

Slow File

Troubleshoot Slow Performance with your QuickBooks File

If performance becomes an issue or you decide you do not want to keep detailed transactions for prior years, you can “condense” a QuickBooks data file using the Clean Up Data utility. If you find that QuickBooks is getting slow when entering or recording transactions, you might want to check the following: Is the Hard […]

Automatic QuickBooks backups, Nothing More Important! 1

I cannot tell you how important backups are. Yes, there are many important things in the world of accounting and QuickBooks, but backing up your company file is the end-all and be-all of importance. Just think about all the time and effort (or the money you pay your accountant for their time) that you put […]

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