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Bookkeeping tips for QuickBooks Point of Sales

Often times I receive calls from bookkeepers who are wondering why their QuickBooks financial accounts are all “messed up” because it is linking to QuickBooks POS. First thing I do is say, can I log onto your computer and see how you currently track your financials? Then, I go through the process of pointing out […]

Bookkeeping tips for QuickBooks Point of Sales Icon

Financial Exchange

QB POS is not transferring data into QuickBooks Automatically 2

Problem:  QuickBooks POS always comes up with the following screen when I do the End of Day:       This is frustrating, why doesn’t the POS transfer data into QuickBooks Financial automatically like it’s supposed to? Solution:  Here is something that you will want to do when setting up QuickBooks POS to integration with QuickBooks […]

QuickBooks Financial and QuickBooks Point of Sale – What goes Where?

QuickBooks Point of Sale is designed to be integrated with QuickBooks Financial Software. After integration, you use Point of Sale to track your daily point-of-sale business such as purchasing, receiving, sales, and related inventory activities, while QuickBooks Financial Software tracks your financial data.  Exchanging information between the two programs, referred to as Financial Exchange, can […]

QuickBooks and POS Integration